1611 Evidence Informed Decision Making: from classroom to boardroom (Nov 2016)

The workshop focused on practice, building on the themes of the past three years. The theme was: using evidence to influence decision-making. Inspired by a 2016 systematic review on Evidence-Informed Decision-Making, speakers gave updates on the influence of major research initiatives in the sector and discussion groups exchanged experience of research use in practice.

Here are the speakers’ presentations:

Andrew Morris                       Evidence Informed Decision-Making

Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela and Stefan Speckesser

                                                    Centre for Vocational Education Research

John Lea                                   AoC Scholarship project ETF LSRN v4 24.11.16.pptx

Patricia Odell                          Education and Training Foundation professional standards

Anna Douglas                         Anna Douglas – City & Islington College

The booklet contains concise information about activities of participants in the workshop,  from colleges, consortia, universities, adult education centres trade unions and intermediary organisations. online booklet

A blog based on the workshop has been written by a participant, Mike Rugg, Curriculum Manager at WEA North East. WEA (North East) blog